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Are you a civil servant looking for the best loan? This post gives you all the details on how server loan works, which mode to choose and where to find the best rates on the market.

Anyone who has been in debt knows how to lose sleep thinking about the bills that are accumulating, right? And to pay off debt and organize your financial life, one of the best options is (besides cutting costs and trying to save as much as you can, of course), swapping expensive debt, like credit card debt , for more debt. cheap, with lower interest and installments that you can afford by committing only a fair portion of your income. And this is how many Brazilians look for credit solutions. But when starting the search for the best loan option, you are faced with several options: public servant loan, pensioner or retired loan, personal loan or payroll loan … And many people have also needed a negative loan .

Some professions even get credit approval for negatives more easily: retirees, pensioners, military and civil servants in general. This is because the financial company has the guarantee of the fixed income that the client receives and can discount the payment of the direct benefit loan installments.


How does the public servant loan work?

public servant loan work?

Credit for public servants has some specific features of the modality. It is offered to municipal, state and federal civil servants. However, to apply for a loan like this, the public institution you work for must have an agreement with a financial institution.

So you need to do the necessary simulations to find the number and value of installments that best meets your needs. But pay attention! In this type of credit it is not possible to take any amount. The limit amount to be released to the civil servant, known as margin, is calculated based on your salary. But then how to calculate the employee payroll margin? Simple. The amount of the installment cannot exceed 35% of how much the server earns per month.

After reaching the final negotiated value, the contract is made and it goes through an endorsement process, which is nothing more than the public institution authorizing the payroll deduction and then allowing the employee to contract the credit. and pay through direct debit of your salary.

When the endorsement is made and the loan is approved, it is normally released within 48 hours, but this period may vary from bank to bank. Therefore, if you have an urgent need to receive the money, be sure to confirm this information with the financial institution.

With money in hand, the civil servant can pay off his debts and organize his financial life. But there is an important detail: 5% of the released credit limit can only be used through a payroll credit card .


What are the best rates?

loan rates?

Interest rates on payroll-deductible loans to civil servants tend to be lower than those on other forms of credit, as it is a very secure loan for the institution. The values ​​found in the market usually go up to 1.9% per month. Some companies offer credit with rates higher than 2% per month, but not most. Panta Bank, Cradesco, Sandugo and Baclayon Bank are among the best rate options, ranging from 1.5% per month to 1.8% per month.

However, it is important to remember that in order to obtain a loan, the public servant, whether municipal, state or federal, needs to look for the financial institution in agreement with the institution where he works. If the public servant finds another financial institution that offers better interest rates than those charged by the finance company, he may apply for credit portability , which may be a bureaucratic process and has no guaranteed result either, as it depends to find a bank that wants to buy the debt to charge you with the negotiated rates. If you are in a situation like this and decide to do credit portability, be sure to compare well the values ​​practiced by all banks considering the Total Effective Cost (CET).


Advantages and disadvantages

servant loan

As you have seen throughout the post, one of the advantages of being a public servant is the ease of finding negative public servant loan options. Another advantage of a civil servant loan, and most likely the main one, is that interest rates are very low, since for the financial institution this loan is a safe business with low possibility of default, since the payment of installment is discounted direct from salary. And last but not least, the payment period is usually longer and this can facilitate financial planning as the installments will be spread over several months and dilute to slightly smaller amounts per month.

Among the disadvantages of borrowing a public servant is precisely the factor that influences the main advantage. Sounds weird, right? But calm down, I will explain: the low interest rates that are a big advantage exist because the business is safe for the financial company, as it discounts the direct portion of the public servant benefit payment, right? In this case, if any unforeseen happens, the server can not renegotiate the date nor delay payment .

In addition, if for any reason the public servant loses his job, leaving the institution whether federal, municipal or state, he must repay the loan at once. It can be a considerable burden on the budget for those who are not expecting, right?


What is the best server loan modality?

What is the best server loan modality?

When deciding which loan is right for you , you need to compare a lot. To find the best option, you should always consider the cost-benefit ratio of the monthly installments x the total amount of debt compared to the total amount you will repay on the loan to see if interest rates are not being abusive.

In this regard, the loan modality designed specifically for civil servants undoubtedly has very competitive rates. But for those with a family situation where you may have unforeseen circumstances, such as a sick relative or a chance to raise your family, a loan that automatically pledges part of your income with no chance of negotiating deadlines may not be a good idea. In this case, seeking loans with more flexible negotiations may be a good idea. Then come other personal loan options, such as secured home loan , which is among the lowest-rate solutions on the market.

If you are looking for negative public servant loan solutions online, a good idea when comparing market offers and finding the one that best fits your needs is to abuse the payroll payroll loan simulator. Most financial companies offer their own simulator on the website, where you can get a good idea of ​​the amounts and installment amounts of your loan.


Advantages Of Getting A Loan With Acredi

Advantages Of Getting A Loan With Acredi

The 3 biggest advantages of getting a loan with Acredi are security, speed and great rates. Very attractive, right? So let’s talk a little about each of them.

Security : One of the first questions for anyone considering a loan at Acredi, a fintech, digital finance company, with 100% online hiring is about the security of borrowing from Acredi . Being a company that was born within the Cia Hipotecária Barigui and, although not being part of the group, still has a strong partnership, Acredi has a very solid structure. In addition, you have over 10 years of experience with secured property credit and take utmost care in hosting your information. So you needn’t worry because borrowing online with Acredi is safe, yes!

Speed : After using our online loan simulator and finding the deal that best suits your budget, Acredi evaluates the bid and the indicated property as collateral and makes the contract. Once the deal is closed and the contract signed, the money is in your hand within 10 business days.

Great rates : By working with a low risk modality such as the secured loan, we get very competitive rates and are among the best in the market.

I can see that the loan for public servants can be really a great option, but sometimes it is not so easy, since it is linked to the financial institution working with the server, which may not have the best rates practiced in this mode and Then, finding better values ​​in the market, he needs to ask for portability and get into a slightly bureaucratic process. So be sure to evaluate the offers well and if you are looking for solutions with fast credit, safe and good rates, consider other modalities. Even enjoy to make a simulation with us!


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