Home loan today is cheaper than rent!

With the introduction of consumer-friendly credit, two more options have been made available to borrowers! We have learned this from the consensus of several credit market experts. In both cases, the terms are better than repayment as if we were only using consumer-friendly credit.

These additional options are:

These additional options are:

  • Flat with Savings Bank count
  • We are counting on the National Home Creation Community (NOK)

Real estate market experts point out that, in view of the favorable loans that have been introduced in recent times, many families are better off paying installments than renting.

You need to buy a home on credit because the amount you want to rent is also sufficient for the installment.

And they make loans even better!

And they make loans even better!

In neighboring countries such as Slovenia, Romania and the Visegrad countries also have cheaper loans than in Hungary, but only a few% difference. The average interest rate spread for our neighbors is up to 3%. In Hungary, 4.3-4.8% are found in contracts.

The newly introduced consumer-friendly home loan is intended to reduce this

According to credit market experts, we are not only counting on current discounts, as a creditworthy client with a good standing may even receive individual treatment, which allows for further favorable terms.

Then let’s look at the second

If a family wants to buy a more valuable property and CSOK is not enough. Suppose the property is worth 25 million and there are 3 children, then the 10 million will require $ 4.5 million in state support and self-sufficiency. If you want a bigger, more valuable property and you have $ 148,333 a month for this purpose, you can start a family house for $ 39.5 million.

  • This can be achieved with a 180 month NOK 19.5 million contract with a monthly installment of 101,333 HUF. The right to purchase comes, after the maturity, the customer asks for the discounted price, then he gets a house of 39.5 million for $ 148 333 a month.

Without paying your own money, only the monthly installments can earn you money by choosing this form, plus 30%, max. State aid of HUF 4.5 million. The repayment installment is fixed during the term.



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